Signing Rules & FAQ

How do I pick up my tickets?
You can pick up your autograph & photo opp tickets in store anytime after you purchase them online. To pick them up, please bring in your: Paypal receipt (On your phone or printed out) and your ID.

How do your autograph signings work?
We sell tickets in advance so you can purchase tickets early and know approximately what time to arrive. Our tickets are sequentially numbered and called in order.

What does the ticket I purchase get me? (1) ticket gets you (1) autograph on (1) item. The ticket does not include an item & does not guarantee a photo. Remember, some athletes have different prices depending on the item.

What type of items do you accept for left to be signed? We will take 8x10 Photos, larger photos, mini & full size helmets, jerseys etc.
PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept bobble heads for left to be signed, sorry.

Do you have items available for purchase?
We always carry a limited amount of 8x10 photos of the guest appearing. We also strive our best to have a variety of items to get signed. Please call to see what we have in stock or to request an item in advance.
PLEASE NOTE: Supplies do not include autograph tickets. If you purchase only supplies, you will need to purchase an auto ticket to get your item signed.

Can we take pictures with the autograph guest?
It is up to the discretion of the guest on whether they're willing to take pictures or not. If willing, they may not always be able to get up and pose, especially for sold out events. However, they can still take a picture while sitting down so please have your camera prepared.

Can I get an autograph even if I can't make the signing?
Yes, you can purchase a ticket prior to the signing and drop your items off. You can then pick up your item anytime after the event.

Do you accept mail in items for signings?
Yes, you can mail them to our store (please make sure to send your items early so you don't miss the deadline). Please include your contact info when you mail in so we can contact you about return shipping.

What happens in the event of a player trade or demotion?
If a signing is cancelled due to a Player trade or demotion store credit will be given for a future signing.

What if I lose my ticket?
Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. If tickets are still available, you can purchase a replacement. We will issue a refund only if your original is found and still intact with the stub.

What is an inscription?
An inscription is NOT an autograph ticket. You need to purchase an inscription in addition to an autograph ticket. The number of inscription tickets must match the number of autograph tickets you purchase. We will not add an inscription to a previously autographed item. An inscription is a personalization IE "2014 WS Champs". An inscription is up to 3 words.

What if I am running late?
Please do your best to arrive on time. If you cannot make the signing, you can drop your item off to get signed a few days before the signing.
PLEASE NOTE: Items dropped off to be signed may not be available for pickup a few days after the signing.

What if I miss the event?
If you miss the event no refunds will be issued.

Reminder: For every (1) adult ticket purchased, one child 12 or under may accompany them into the signing.
For example: (2) adult tickets purchased, two children can accompany the ticket holder, etc. Thanks for your understanding.


Upcoming Events & Autograph Signings

Please note: Tickets are not mailed out. We also do not send our purchase confirmations.
Bring your Paypal receipt (Printed out) and your ID and you can pick up your ticket(s) in the store through the day of the event.
Also note: We do not accept drop offs the day of any signing. Items left must be left before 6 PM the day before event.
An inscription ticket does not include the player's autograph. It is an add-on to an autograph ticket. Please check FAQ section for more details.